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Child Custody

Minnesota Post-Divorce Issues

After a Minnesota Divorce, life can bring about many challenges.  With those challenges come changes.  Whether it's fighting for your custody rights, modification of your spousal maintenance obligation, child support, or other legal matter, our Minnesota Metro Legal Professionals utilize their years of experience in and out of Minnesota Court to protect your rights. 

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Spousal Maintenance (alimony) Modification

Minnesota law on spousal maintenance is vast and complex. Adam Galili and his firm at Metro Law and Mediation have litigated and represented clients from amicable spousal maintenance (alimony) modification agreements to complex life-time maintenance award modifications.  Our Metro Attorney is also a board approved Minnesota Financial Early Neutral Evaluator who can guide you with his experience of the law to attain your goal through numerous potential avenues.  

Child support & Custody/ Parenting Time modification

Whether its a geographical move that has affected your parenting time or legal issues and changes that have arisen since your Order, Minnesota law on modification of parenting time is unique and complex.  Simple language in your prior decree may have significant impact on your ability to modify parenting time and child support in the future.   Adam Galili and his law firm can help you understand all your potential legal avenues, both through settlement and through litigation.  Contact Us Today for a free consultation to discuss your situation in detail. 

Order for Protection / Harassment Restraining Order

The consequences of receiving an OFP/HRO may extend beyond the parties involved, potentially affecting your employment, professional license, and your everyday life.  Whether you are the Petitioner or Respondent, ensure that your legal rights are protected.  Our team has years of experience representing clients in a Minnesota Court for Order for Protection and  Restraining Orders.  Don't leave your case up to chance. Contact us for a free consultation to protect yourself today.