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Hennepin County Divorce Attorney & Lawyer

When You Hire A Divorce Attorney In Hennepin County, You Need A Firm With Ethical and Aggressive Advocacy. Contact Metro Law & Mediation Today. 

Metro Law and Mediation - Your Hennepin County Divorce Attorney

Metro Law and Mediation - Your Hennepin County Divorce Attorney

 Hennepin County Divorce Attorney 

Every Minnesota County has its own unique procedure when it comes to family law.  Whether its a divorce, custody, or alimony issue, the county has set rules on the path your case will follow.  Most counties, including Hennepin, have shifted gears to force parties into settlement discussions, usually quite early in their case.  The goal of this is to reduce litigation in court, keep costs down for all parties, and allow parties the opportunity to work through their Hennepin County Divorce and Family Law issues before asking the Judicial Officer to make the decision.  Choosing the right divorce attorney is a vital part of making this process easier. 

While this process can have success, it also leaves vulnerable parties who do not have access to marital funds in a precarious situation.  Depending on scheduling, a Hennepin County Divorce may not be scheduled in front of the Judicial Officer for several weeks.  Additionally, unless you have a Hennepin County Divorce Lawyer with experience, you may not be able to file any temporary motion until you have at least attempted the mostly required forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution offered by Hennepin County. 

Your Divorce Lawyer At Metro Law & Mediation

Our Divorce Attorneys and Mediators are licensed to practice in Hennepin County and all surrounding Minnesota Counties.  Metro Law and Mediation has Hennepin County Attorney and Mediators who have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience regarding Hennepin County Divorce procedures and Hennepin County Family Law Procedures.  This experience helps guide our clients to successful results in both divorce representation and mediation.  Contact your Hennepin County Divorce Attorney today to schedule your free initial consultation. 



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