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Minneapolis, MN Family Law Attorney


If you are accused of a crime, you would want the services of an attorney with expertise in criminal defense, as opposed to business law or civil proceedings. The same principle is true if you need legal services for an upcoming marriage, divorce, adoption, or estate planning. In order to best protect your legal interests, you need someone that is experienced in family law. If you are looking for experienced family law lawyer, the staff at Metro Law & Mediation, in Minneapolis, MN, are what you need.

Family Law Attorney Services

Many of our clients at Metro Law & Mediation only associate family law lawyers with divorce proceedings when they first meet us. However, a family law attorney is valuable for much more than ending a marriage. At Metro Law & Mediation, we offer the following legal services:

  • Estate planning, including drafting of wills and trusts
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Adoption support for parents on both sides of an adoption
  • Divorces
  • Custody arrangements
  • Protection orders
  • Filing for restraining orders or reporting harassment

From before you get married, potentially until the day you die, a family law attorney from Metro Law & Mediation can help you navigate the unique and often complicated rules regarding family law in Minnesota. When you use our services, your family, interests, and assets are protected.

Avoiding High Costs

Many aspects of family law can be adversarial. Divorces, custody agreements, and restraining orders almost always are. Even pre-nuptial agreements and adoptions can be in some circumstances. When a legal procedure is adversarial, it usually is costly, especially if it ends up going to trial.

At Metro Law & Mediation we work with you to minimize legal expenses whenever possible. In addition to our trial services, we offer mediation services which are almost always less expensive and can allow both parties to get a satisfactory result without the high expenses of a trial. Our years of expertise will help you get the best possible outcome for your dispute.

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