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Minnesota Wills and Estates- Do you know the Law?

When it comes to estate planning in Minnesota, no two situations are identical. What one person views as a “simple” estate planning situation may be far more complex from a legal perspective under Minnesota Estate and Probate Law. Although the internet offers many “do-it-yourself” Websites for estate planning, when it comes to such important matters, even legal professionals hire attorneys such as Metro Law and Mediation to assist them.  Consider these questions:

1. Do you understand the rights and responsibilities of a personal representative in Minnesota?

2. Do you know the difference between probate and non-probate assets?

3. Can you trust that online/do-it-yourself/fill-in-the-blank forms comply with all Minnesota laws?

4. How many witnesses do you need for your will, and does the will need to be signed in front of a notary?

5. Are you positive a will is the best estate plan for your circumstances, and are you aware of other estate planning tools?

6.  Are you aware of the tax consequences on the transfer of your Estate to your loved ones?

These questions highlight just a few reasons an attorney should be involved in preparing your estate planning documents. To schedule your free estate planning consultation, Contact Adam Galili and Metro Law and Mediation at 612.548.4453.