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Metro Law and Mediation Offers Mediation Services to help Save Time and Money.  All our Mediators are qualified through the State of Minnesota for either Financial Early Neutral Evaluations (F.E.N.E.) or Social Early Neutral Evaluations (S.E.N.E./C.P.E.N.E.). 

Financial Divorce Mediation 

In Minnesota, the law presumes that all assets and debts acquired during your marriage are marital property and subject to equitable distribution at the time of the dissolution of your marriage.  Whether your marital estate is simple or complex, an experienced mediator can simplify the financial issues in your divorce and streamline the issues that are preventing you from reaching an agreement.  When a mediator knows the law, can explain it to you and your spouse, and can show you creative solutions that make sense - it's a no-brainer.   

Whether your divorce matter involves a complex financial estate or simply needs the assistance of an experienced mediator to help finalize allocation of your assets and debts, Metro Law offers low-cost mediation that can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees and expenses. Our Minnesota Divorce Mediation Attorneys are on the Minnesota Supreme Court Roster as Rule 114 Neutral Mediators and carry additional training as Financial Early Neutral Evaluators.  Contact Lori Brandon at Metro Law and Mediation today to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss the outstanding financial issues in your divorce. 

Parenting Time Disputes 

Sometimes parties simply need a little assistance in reaching agreements with the other parent, or both parties need a neutral third-party mediator to assist them in finding a creative solution.  Neither party wants to spend thousands of dollars fighting - instead, they need the assistance of an experienced mediator who knows Minnesota Family Law and can sit down with both parents to reach agreements in the best interests of their child or children.   

Where no domestic abuse exists, working hand-in-hand with a mediator can assist both parents in creating a peaceful transition into the world of co-parenting.  Starting off on the right foot with the other parent should be a goal for every parent who wishes to co-parent for the long-haul. Whether the parenting time or custody dispute is within the scope of your divorce or family law issue or parenting time disputes that arise outside of a legal document, Lori Brandon and the mediators at Metro Law and Mediation can assist you today.  Contact Lori Brandon for a free consultation to discuss your mediation matter in more detail. 




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