Our experience speaks for itself.  

Our satisfied clients speak for us.  

Client Reviews

"I have had the pleasure of having Adam Galili represent me on several issues over the last few years. It is rare to find an attorney that listens, cares, and advocates strongly for you but Adam has continued to do that for me. He always explains the options and his team always keeps me informed. I would highly recommend Adam and his firm at Metro Law and Mediation to anyone with a legal issue who needs an attorney." - Ari M (former client)

"Adam Galili and his team at Metro Law and Mediation helped me through the complicated legal process in my family law matter. They were insightful, aggressive, and helped me navigate and understand the process every step of the way. Of course the results I received were excellent, but the process itself helped me reduce stress as I knew they were handling every aspect of my case. I highly recommend Adam Galili and Metro Law and Mediation for any family law matter you are dealing with - they will get you through it and get you the results you need. Thank you Metro Law and Mediation." A.K. (former client)

Attentive and Professional 
"Thanks very much to Adam Galili - for mediating, advising and representing me through my divorce proceedings. [...] excellent services for me and I greatly appreciate his professional manner and attentiveness." - David T. (former client)
When you need a lawyer, you need someone who will really be on your side and not just go through the motions. This firm really cares about their clients.” - B.K. 
— B.K. (Former Client)

“Its rare to find an attorney that listens, cares, and advocates strongly for you.. that is what Adam [Galili] provides”

Why us?

we care about our clients and advocating for them through difficult times in their lives. Call us today at (612) 548-4453 for a free-Initial Consultation to discuss your Minnesota Legal Matter in More detail. 

Adam helped has given me the best help with regards to dealing with some Family [legal] Issues. He is very understanding and his knowledge of the Law and the Court System is second to none.
— Former Client

More Satisfied Clients

Steamer Divorce Attorney

"I hired Adam Galili to replace my first lawyer who at that point had done nothing for me. Adam was responsive and really was able to alter the landscape for me in a positive way when it seemed hopeless. He helped cut my long term losses in a divorce case from $900.00 monthly to $0. Of course we made it workable for my ex and her lawyer so it was a win-win when it looked very different before I hired him.

Adam always kept me informed via email, letter, and calls. That's all I could ask for and he came through for me. Well done!"  - Stanley (former client)


Excellent Family Law Attorney

"I had contacted Adam about a family law issue. He presented himself in an aggressive, yet professional manor and achieved the results i wanted. I would highly recommend Adam Galili for any family law issue." -  Joe (former client)


Best Lawyer in Minnesota

"I have hired best lawyer in Minnesota. I am certainly happy with Adam's representation to my upcoming divorce. I have made mistakes, however, Adam has corrected me in a professional manner - and I appreciate his due diligence. He is a fine fellow and trustworthy. Also many kudos to his Paralegal Lori Brandon. [...]I am most satisfied with Adam Galili [representation] in my divorce proceedings." - D.T. (Former Client)


He Knows What he is doing and actually explains Why he is doing it!

You will not be Disappointed. 

"Adam Galili is the 3rd attorney I have hired to get my on going divorce of over three years finished. Adam [worked] aggressively to correct all of the wrongs that have been done in my case the best that he can. Adam [fought] and won for me and always [made] me feel important.  I have been very impressed with Adam. [...] I wish that I would have hired Adam sooner!"  - Kelly L. (former client).