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Perhaps you have heard people talk about mediation, and if you have, you probably received varying messages about this form of alternative dispute resolution. How do you know what’s fact and what’s fiction? Read on to find out!

Myth Number #1 – Mediators Must have a Law Degree

This might just be the biggest misconception about mediation!  While it is true that many lawyers choose to also work as mediators, in Minnesota a law degree is not a requirement for becoming a mediator. Truth be told, mediators in Minnesota aren’t even regulated or licensed. Like many practitioners, I completed a Minnesota Supreme Court approved training program in order to be listed as a qualified neutral on the Supreme Court roster. This leads me to a closely related second myth.

Myth #2 – Mediation is only for people with a pending court case

While it is true that many courts have a requirement for people to try to resolve cases through alternative dispute resolution before having their day in court, a mediator may be hired to assist with any type of dispute. Some examples of situations where a mediator might be useful include disputes arising in a family owned/operated business, cabin succession planning, or differing opinions about caring for an aging loved one. The goal of mediation is to solve problems outside of court, so why not access the services of a mediator before a dispute boils over into a lawsuit?

The team at Walker and Galili has observed and participated in hundreds of mediation cases covering numerous subject matters. If you are looking for an unbiased mediator to help you resolve a dispute, contact us to discuss in greater detail the services offered.

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