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For most people who are in the prime of their life, estate planning is just about the last thing they are thinking of. They expect to live long, healthy lives and have more immediate concerns. However, if you have a spouse, children, or any type of dependent, delaying your estate planning is simply a luxury you can't afford. No matter how healthy you are, the unexpected can happen in a number of ways, and if it does, you need to ensure that those that rely on you the most are protected financially and legally. In order to best protect yourself and your family, you should speak to an estate planning lawyer at Metro Law & Mediation in Minneapolis, MN.

Last Will & Testament

The simplest way to ensure that your assets reach those who need them most in the case of your unfortunate death is to work with an estate planning attorney to create an ironclad will. Without such a legal document, there may be a dispute over who receives your assets, which can cause hardship for loved ones if they are denied what they rightfully deserve. An estate planning lawyer at Metro Law & Mediation will work with you to draft a will that details precisely who receives your assets and in what form.

A Living Will

In addition to protecting loved ones in case of death, you should also protect yourself and your loved ones should you be medically incapacitated. A living will determines who holds power of attorney over you and your affairs if you become incapable due to medical conditions like a coma or dementia. Furthermore, a living will precisely dictates your wishes in regards to medical treatment when you can't state them. With the assistance of an estate planning attorney from Metro Law & Mediation, you can clearly define what will happen to you in any such situation.

More Than Just Estate Planning

An estate planning lawyer from Metro Law & Mediation can help you with more than just drafting a will. Your estate planning attorney can help you obtain adequate life insurance, arrange for your funeral preparations (including payment for those services), and help you and your recipients pay taxes on inheritance. These and similar estate services will make life for everyone less stressful when your will is finally enforced.

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